What Different Types of Drywall are Used for

Drywall is a material used for building, specifically for the purpose of covering the framing on ceilings and walls. It’s eco-friendly, made from gypsum which is a naturally ocurring mineral which is easy to find. Drywall is made by mixing gypsum with other materials till you get a kind of paste and squeeze it between two layers of paper, letting it dry. The type of drywall is determined by what chemicals are used to make the paste, as well as the thickness and type of paper used.

Other names for drywall include, sheetrock, wallboard and gypsum board. Drywall can be soundproof and fire resistant which makes it very useful for buildings both commercial and residential. It’s installed by screwing the drywall sheets onto the building’s framing, after which the holes and gapes are filled in with mud or plaster.

Drywall generall comes in 6 different types,

  • Regular Drywall
  • Mold-resistant Drywall
  • Plasterboard
  • Soundproof Drywall
  • Fire-resistant Drywall
  • VOC-absorbing Drywall

Based on your drywall needs, you can pick the type that suits you best. There is even the option of getting drywall with multiple components, e.g. soundproof and fire resistant drywall. Consult your construction professional for more info on what type of drywall will suit your project the best.

Credits to Metal Stud Framing Boston for the info and tips.

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